Texas Used Car Lemon Law

Where do all those repurchased or bought back lemon cars from the lemon car owners by the car manufacturers go? They are put up in the yard as a pre-owned car for used car buyers. Where do all those lemon recalls end up? The lemon cars are laundered and put on sale perhaps in a different state without announcing its history. Where do all those wrecked or salvaged cars go? They all end up in the huge market entirely dealing with buying and selling damaged, wrecked or salvaged cars.

Let us look at it from the manufacturer’s point of view. These lemon cars had cost their makers a lot of money. The lemon law cases they were involved in must have cost them even more. It is highly impractical and unprofitable for a car manufacturer to take lemon cars out of commission and then dismantle them. It is so much easier to possibly sell it to another uninformed buyer who is in the market for buying a pre-owned car. One huge question stares into every sensible individual’s eye. This lemon car was not rectified despite the reasonable repair opportunities given to the dealership or the manufacturer by the lemon law. Then the lemon is accepted as unsafe to the occupants and the people on the road and is bought back by the manufacturer. The same unsafe lemon law buyback ironically resurfaces as a respectable used car or certified pre-owned car in the market and then onto the road. Has its reincarnation into a used car made it immune to life threatening defects? Car manufacturers have to consider their lemon laundering practices for it is very unethical to pass their recalcitrant lemon vehicles to unsuspecting victims.

Since used Texas Lemon car does not qualify under the Texas Lemon Law despite its sinister birth, this kind of Lemon used car recycling defeats the very purpose of lemon laws. The Texas Lemon Law is available only to new cars. The Texas Lemon Law is applicable for used cars with limited exceptions where the factory warranty is still active at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, the Texas lemon law does not apply to used cars without the primary warranty on the car and the secondary warranty on other parts.

Texas Lemon Law does not apply to used cars with the extended warranty. The Texas Lemon Law covers exclusively new cars and new car buyers. Section 2301.602 of the Texas Occupations Code for the Regulation of Motor Vehicles and Transportation or the Texas Lemon Law, only covers the new motor vehicle. Unless the pre-owned vehicle is covered under the car manufacturer warranty the Texas Lemon Law it is not of any use in getting the manufacturer fix the defect in the used car.

If the Texas Lemon Law has already failed to protect your Texas used lemon law, the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act may help you.

Under Texas lemon law, if a vehicle has been repurchased or replaced via the Texas Department of Transportation’s (DOT) lemon law program, the dealership is required to disclose the lemon status of the vehicle. If a case has been settled outside of the program in a lawsuit, he does not require obliging to such disclosure.

If you are planning to purchase a used car

You should thoroughly research about the used car lot, used car dealer or the private used car seller
Run multiple car history reports from vehicle history service report providers like the AutoCheck and CarFax
A nationwide lemon car tracking system/database helps you from falling prey to scamming used car dealers or scamming used car curb stoners

Choose a dealer who offers quality parts to maintain your vehicle with an inventory of certified Parts
After more than a decade of Congress’ passage of a nationwide database that tracks lemon and stolen cars, the database has been partially implemented in 9 states. Texas has yet to be included in this database. The interstate database is part of the Anti Car Theft Act and is intended to track cars and trucks based on its’ vehicle identification number (VIN). The database includes comprehensive information on a vehicle’s lemon and legal status. The availability of this database allows a control over lemon-car laundering and provides accurate information about a vehicle’s history to consumers.

If you have already bought a used car, get insurance for the car. Many of Texas used car dealers offer plans that extend the manufacturer warranty for the benefit of the car and the driver. These plans cover from 3 yrs/50,000 miles to 7 yrs/100.000 miles. Other plans like Maximum Care Service protect the entire car. The Powertrain contract insures its parts.

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