Legal sites I enjoy frequenting

We have a few legal sites under our network, I’ve not worked or developed them much over the recent past, AccidentConsult was about the most successful of those, it used to give me a nice regular income when I worked closely with a Manchester firm of No Win No fee lawyers, but sadly those days are long since past.

Now I use the site to post about legal topics and it is sort of my legal blog.  I work most of the time these days on a Professional publishing site called brasskangaroo which is developing nicely.

When I have free time, I enjoy posting to Flickr and even have a legal pics section on there, it takes time and I am short of that so sadly none of these areas ever get the attention I would like to devote to them, but anyway it is fun for me, and that is part of it after all.

Sorry not to post on here more regularly back again soon I hope!


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